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Fisher Investments News

Fisher Investments News, 08/31/2011

Fisher Investments is planning to release its latest Capital Markets Update video—a roundtable discussion with the five members of the firm's Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—outlining their forecast for the balance of 2011 and the underlying reasons.

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By , The Street, 08/30/2011

It's easy to find news and commentary bemoaning the U.S.'s lackluster rate of GDP growth -- particularly after last Friday's second-quarter 2011 growth revision to 1%.

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By , Forbes, 08/30/2011

August's Conference Board consumer confidence index showed consumers decidedly unconfident—the index fell to its lowest level since April 2009 and down sharply from July.

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By , Forbes, 08/29/2011

Mr. Bernanke emerged from Jackson Hole to declare politicians are unruly and can't agree. (Shocking no one.)

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SFGate, 08/27/2011

Fisher Investments published a new infographic summarizing market trends in presidential election years.

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PRWeb, 08/26/2011

Firm presents new research examining historical stock market performance in election years.

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By , Forbes, 08/25/2011

Bethenny Frankel took home an estimated $55 million in 2010 for selling a chunk of her Skinnygirl brand—plus her books, TV shows, appearances and a memorable incident with a champagne bucket.

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By , The Street, 08/25/2011

An important point right up front: By no means are we making a directional call on gold. It may go higher yet, it may not.

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Forbes, 08/25/2011

"My advice to Mr. Buffett is to stick to what he does best. If you took a vote of The Forbes 400 I am pretty sure they'd say no to raising taxes on cap gains."

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By , Forbes, 08/22/2011

Staying on-phase in markets is impossible for most folks most of the time--because they make it too complicated. What do I mean by "on-phase"? Being in synch with the market cycles

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Reuters, 08/19/2011

Presidential hopeful Rick Perry's brash appeal to the Republican Party's fiscally conservative base may fall flat with big donors who favor a more moderate candidate to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

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By , Forbes, 08/18/2011

Seems everyone is having fun piling on (or defending) the Sage of Omaha for his recent (re)assertion he isn't taxed enough—his secretary pays a higher rate!

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Reuters, 08/18/2011

For presidential hopefuls in a campaign that is all about the U.S. economy, the Republican contenders have offered few clear plans for what they would do to get the country's finances back on track.

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By , The Street, 08/17/2011

Comparing current volatility to that in 2008 seems a popular exercise recently -- but there are many notable differences.

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By , Real Clear Markets, 08/15/2011

Now that the debt ceiling debate's been settled, a 12-member congressional commission will scrutinize where and how taxpayer dollars are spent.

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By , Forbes, 08/12/2011

A 20-year prediction: Many think 2010 and 2011 presage the end of the eurozone as we know it. Could be.

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By , The Street, 08/11/2011

In recent weeks, it's easy to find a lot to be frustrated about regarding markets.

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Bloomberg, 08/10/2011

Bill Gross was right after all, though that hasn't helped his investors this year.

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By , Forbes, 08/10/2011

Much has been made of S&P's $2 trillion "math error." Funny indeed. Except the error was based on government baseline growth and spending estimates, which are rarely, ahem, accurate.

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