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Fisher Investments News

Fisher Investments News
By , Forbes, 02/29/2012

Q4 2011 GDP growth was revised up to 3% from 2.8%. Which is nice, but backward looking. GDP calculations are inherently a bit wonky and a few basis-point revisions don’t matter much, particularly since GDP can be and frequently is revised significantly, even many years later.

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By , Forbes, 02/27/2012

You may remember that in my February column last year I predicted that 2011 would “frustrate bulls and bears alike—without a big directional trend” and “end up or down just by a hair.” I was right, but my stock picking could have been better.

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By , Forbes, 02/24/2012

It seems the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) believes a good way to protect you would be curtailing the practice of banks discretely covering your checks, instantaneously, should you overdraft.

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By , The Street, 02/16/2012

In our view, stock returns are strongly positive in 2012 and the world overall grows, even though the eurozone is likely a weak spot and may even go into recession in aggregate.

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By , Forbes, 02/15/2012

With Ron Paul still in the running for president, it’s become popular (again) to call for a return to the gold standard.

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By , iStockAnalyst, 02/13/2012

2011 was by nearly any count a volatile year chock full of news—the majority tied to the eurozone, specifically the countries known as the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain).

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By , Forbes, 02/07/2012

Come April or May (ish?) Facebook plans to join the ranks of Tech IPOs, probably aiming to be more like Google and less like Though who knows?

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PRWeb, 02/06/2012

Ken Fisher and his firm’s Investment Policy Committee detail their market and macroeconomic forecast for the year ahead.

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By , The Street, 02/06/2012

Three years into the eurozone's peripheral debt saga, a ton of political and financial capital has been spent, the euro hasn't suddenly shattered and a eurozone-born financial panic hasn't erupted.

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