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Fisher Investments News

Fisher Investments News
By , Financial Times, 04/17/2014

Last month, we covered how to tell if your adviser is putting you first – developing a plan to reach your long-term financial goals and giving you the tough-love advice you need to reach them. You-first advisers won’t indulge your fear and greed impulses, won’t encourage you to zig and zag.

While zigzagging is bad, sometimes big tactical moves may make sense.

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By , Forbes, 04/14/2014

The key is to stay on your toes—and always expect the unexpected.

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By , Investor's Business Daily, 03/28/2014

These days, it seems most pundits have one word to describe the stock market: "overvalued." Read the full story on


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By , Investor's Business Daily, 03/10/2014

Can the Fed end boom and bust?  Read the full story on

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By , Forbes, 03/03/2014

Stocks with plump margins will now be the ones beating the market.

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By , Forbes, 02/10/2014

The bears are suffering from boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome.

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By , Forbes, 01/20/2014

Consensus sentiment, particularly among professionals (who as a group are almost always wrong), tightly clusters around a 6% S&P 500 return for this year. When sentiment clusters like that my research shows stocks almost always do much better or much worse. Expect better!

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