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Fisher Investments News

CEO Ken Fisher has written a monthly column for Forbes magazine for over 29 years, and frequently appears in the financial media. In addition, members of Fisher Investments staff contribute articles to other financial publications including The Street, Real Clear Markets, and others.

Fisher Investments News

Fisher Investments News
By , Forbes, 07/21/2014

Honor your net worth with great stocks like these for the rest of this long bull market.

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By , Forbes, 06/30/2014

Fourth quarters of midterm-election years are positive 86.4% of the time.

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By ,, 06/13/2014

With President Obama signing an Executive Orderto cap some borrowers’ repayments at 10% of their annual income, and with the Senate squashing a bill to allow borrowers to refinance at lower rates two days later, this is a hot election-year issue. However, the data overwhelmingly suggest this political hot potato isn’t an economic issue.

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By , Investor's Business Daily, 06/06/2014
By , Forbes, 05/26/2014

Skeptics are turning into optimists. Looks like it’s full speed ahead.

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By ,, 05/05/2014

Before you run for the hills with visions of 2000 dancing through your head, breathe. Some corners of the sector might have their issues, but a broad bubble this is not. Here are 11 reasons why you needn’t fear.

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By , Financial Times, 04/17/2014

Last month, we covered how to tell if your adviser is putting you first – developing a plan to reach your long-term financial goals and giving you the tough-love advice you need to reach them. You-first advisers won’t indulge your fear and greed impulses, won’t encourage you to zig and zag.

While zigzagging is bad, sometimes big tactical moves may make sense.

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By , Forbes, 04/14/2014

The key is to stay on your toes—and always expect the unexpected.

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